Here are a few Basara sites I've dug up around the web. If you're a fan of the show, please use your creativity and make up a site. This anime deserves the attention! And if you want to link to me, feel free to use one of those banners from the front page.

Star Crossed
Fuu-ko's beautifully designed Basara site. She's handling the translation project, and posting some manga scans that will make you go o_0;
The Unweeping Uke: Ageha
By Jeanne Johnson. A very good summary of the Basara epic, with special emphasis on our favorite one-eye man. Beware of spoilers and anti-Shuri sentiments!
more than RED
Akane Iwai's Japanese Basara site. Lots of fanart, fanfiction, doujinshi info, all in Japanese of course, but the site is still well worth checking out.
Blue Dreamer's Basara Fanfics
Two chapters of the story "In Love With Your Enemy," which picks up where the anime left off.
KANA's Basara website
KANA is publishing Basara in French, so naturally, their site is only in French. It's got some basic info about the manga, Yumi Tamura, reader comments, even fanart! I like their animated banner ^^
Melody Yung's Legend of Basara Shrine!
One of the first sites devoted to the anime. It has lots of screen caps, plus seiyuu (voice actor) information.
Manga Project
A very professional group. They're releasing high quality translated manga scans for Basara, among many others.
Basara Temple
This is a site by the spunky Arrow, aka devote Ageha lover. Well, she's got some pretty funny fanfiction. Too bad they're packed with spoilers. Bummer.
Ayumu-chan's Basara Page
This is a very simple, informative, and clean site. Ayumu-chan has the first chapter of manga vol. 1 translated. If only she would work on more.
Arashi no Umi's Winamp Skins
Here you can find some scrumptious looking winamp skins, one featuring Ageha (she used to have one of Shuri, but I can't find it now).
Basara Mailing List
The newsgroup Arrow started. Come join in discussion about Basara.

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